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TAMKO® Building Products LLC Celebrates Its 75th Year

As the leading roofing company in the area, we make sure to use only the best materials and accessories for the projects we work on, which is why we offer TAMKO® products. Recently, TAMKO Building Products LLC celebrated its 75th year in the business. The company, even with its continued success over the years, remains committed to excellence and customer satisfaction while constantly adapting to the changing demands of the industry.

A Typical American Dream Story

TAMKO’s beginning and sustained growth as a company is a story of perseverance, entrepreneurship and the American dream. E.L. Craig, a self-made millionaire, started a small roofing manufacturing business out of an old streetcar barn in Joplin, Missouri. His wife, Mary Ethel Craig, named it TAMKO, which stands for Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

From that small location in Southwest Missouri, TAMKO grew into one of the nation’s largest roofing manufacturers. Over 75 years, it established more than 20 facilities across the country, a host of building products, and nationwide distribution. They have continuously innovated, as well, introducing new styles of asphalt shingles, steel shingles, roofing underlayments, waterproofing products and cements and coatings.

Part of the reason why we’ve chosen to offer their products is their wide variety. Also, TAMKO was founded on the values of perseverance, hard work and integrity, which we also hold in high regard.

What This Means for You

When you work with a contractor that offers TAMKO roofing products like us, you’re not only afforded a durable and reliable roof. You’re also assured the installers are providing the best services possible. You can also have peace of mind knowing that your choice of TAMKO products come with comprehensive warranties.

Besides offering the widest variety of quality roofing products, we also offer exceptional roof installation, replacement and repair services. Our factory certifications mean that once you’ve selected the roofing products that meet your budget and style, our expert team of residential roofers can efficiently and professionally install them.

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