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How Good Is Your Roofing Warranty?

Whether you’re tackling a residential or a commercial roofing system, a full replacement is definitely one of those big ticket remodeling jobs. The performance of your brand-new roof, of course, depends on the quality of its installation. This is why choosing the right roofing company is a very important step in the process.

Roofing warranties offer major clues to you, as a homeowner, as to the trustworthiness of your local roofer. This is often a sign that your professionals take pride in their work and will assure you that your new shingles will perform as advertised. Read on as our roofing specialists at Rainier Roofing LLC describe the elements of a good roofing warranty.

Labor Coverage

Warranties can be divided into two parts: parts and labor. You’ll often see these two separately in your roof estimates. The warranty for labor covers any malfunctions caused by faulty installation or possible problems traced back to the installation of the roof. Labor warranties are typically shouldered by the roofing company.

Materials and Parts

Roof manufacturing companies, on the other hand, will often cover the warranties of all the parts and materials used in the installation of your new roof. This can include the underlayment, the sheathing, the shingles and any other accessory needed to ensure the quality of your roof. Keep in mind that some manufacturers might deny warranty claims when you use other products not intended to be used with their own products. For example, using Brand A shingles with Brand B underlayment might not be covered by your warranty.

Transferable Warranty

Most warranties for both materials and roof repair can be transferred to a new homeowner at least once. Talk to your roofer about this detail to make sure that it is indeed part of your warranty before you sign a contract.

At Rainier Roofing LLC, we offer extensive warranties with a wide coverage that’s hard to beat. Call us today at (813) 920-9065 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation or request a free estimate on a new roof replacement.