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Does My Roof Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

Getting your roof repaired and replaced are two completely different things. Your roofers will likely conduct an inspection to learn which one your roof needs.In this post, Rainier Roofing shares a few ways you can figure out whether your roof will be fine with a few repairs or if it needs to be fully replaced.

First, Check the Attic

What you’re looking for in the attic is damage from potential leaks. This will give you a good idea if your roof is leaking in many places, or if there are leaks that are just limited to a few spots. The amount of leaks will let you know if you can address the issue with just a few repairs, or if you need to go for an overhaul.

Note that some of the signs of leak and moisture damage range from actual holes to discolorations and stains on the ceiling. Use a stick to check if the discolored spots are soft and pliable, which is a sure sign of moisture damage.

Next, Check the Roof

Once you’re done checking the attic, it’s time to check the roof. Note that this is potentially better done by a professional roofing company, since part of this involves actually getting on the roof to conduct the inspection.

What you need to pay close attention to is the state of your shingles. Using the location of the potential leaks in your attic as a guide, check through the roof proper to see if the cause for these leaks are repairable or not.

You should also look through the other parts of your roof in order to check if there are issues that can be repaired. Pay special attention to the flashing and the adhesives, if any. Also check through the nails used.

The Final Step

This is where you and your roofer have to decide on whether a roof repair job is enough to address your issues, or if you need to get a roof replacement. The rule of thumb is: if your roof is around forty to forty five percent damaged, then a roof replacement is what you need. This is because anything more than that might not be able to withstand the type of weather your location is used to.

Still not sure if you need to get a roof replacement or a roof repair? At Rainier Roofing, we are happy to help you assess the status of your roof and give you an honest recommendation on how to proceed. Give us a call at (813) 920-9065 or fill out our contact form for a consultation.