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Common Roofing Scams & How to Avoid Them

Always be careful with hiring roofers, especially after a severe storm. Storm chasers usually knock on homeowners’ doors, giving fliers and offering repairs or replacement, even when there’s nothing wrong with the roof. 

Know whether you’re dealing with a scammer by looking for these signs. 

Low Starting Bid

Some contractors may offer you a surprisingly low price, way lower than other companies in your area. However, once the project begins, that price will gradually increase due to “unexpected issues” and increased material costs. While roofing material costs do fluctuate, a contractor shouldn’t try to increase prices in the middle of your project. 

Avoid this: Do your research before hiring a roofing company. Get quotes from at least three companies. Ask your contractor to discuss every aspect of your project before signing a contract. 

Non-Existent Damage

A roofer may knock at your door and claim that he can see damage on your perfectly fine roof. They may even offer to climb up on your roof to further inspect the area. Unreliable contractors are known to claim roofs have issues even when there’s none. Some were even caught doing the damage themselves.

Avoid this: Don’t immediately believe someone when they suddenly say that your roof has problems. Get a second option if you believe there’s something wrong with your roof. Never let a stranger climb on your roof or hire someone who’s insisting you sign the contract right away. 

Insurance Fraud

A scammer may submit two different invoices, a lower one to you and a more reasonable amount to your insurer. Someone who does this is committing fraud and can face legal consequences. A contractor can even claim that they’ll get enough money back from overcharging your insurance company to reimburse your deductible. 

Avoid this: Stay away from a contractor who offers to cover your insurance deductible or offers other no-cost incentives. Those can be signs of fraud. 

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